Enjoy your time

The history of Basle dates back more than 2000 years. Past and present are together.

A long time ago:

In the second century b.c. the Celts founded a village in the region of the Novartis campus, which was transferred to cathedral hill about 50 b.c.. Some years later (43/44 b.c.) the Romans occupied this strategically important place.

In 1356 an earthquake destroyed large parts of the city and the cathedral.

As a consequence of the council from 1431- 1448 Basle became a center for paper mills, printing houses and publishers. The foundation of the oldest university of Switzerland in 1460 was also due to this event.

In the 19 century the pharmaceutical and chemical industry grew out of dye-works which supplied the silk industry. It is present today with two leading multinational groups.


The medieval City, surrounded by walls, developed to a center of life sciences, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Besides that Basle is the center of the most important exhibitions and congresses of Switzerland.

The city and the inhabitants enjoy one of the highest standards of quality of live worldwide.

Step by step you will discover a place of interest or a wonderful memorial.

From the board of the river Rhine, in Little-Basle you have a unique panoramic view to the center with the cathedral, the central bridge, the historical houses and the river Rhine with the four ferries.

Basle has the opportunity that buildings of the 15th century and 180 fountains are together with modern buildings, created by world famous architects.

It is the home town of Herzog & de Meuron.


Your thirst for culture is satisfied by 40 museums, as the historical museum and the museum for modern art.

The city is also an important place for designers with tradition and prospects for the future.

Come to Basle and be surprised.

Well-being and relaxation are very important in Basle. The inhabitants are friendly, open-minded and have „savoir vivre“.