3 days and more in Basel

Are you staying in Basel for at least three days? That's perfect; it will allow you to see the different faces of the cultural capital of Switzerland! This is the programme for visitors to Basel that we suggest you follow from our Hotel Rochat.

First day

Morning - Take a walk in the historic centre of Basel

The charming historic centre of Basel is a must-see during your stay. Its pretty pedestrian alleyways are perfect for exploring on foot: this is the ideal place to start your stay, isn't it?

Start by visiting the famous Hôtel de Ville de Bâle, the City Hall, with its polychrome wall paintings and original architecture, which is located just a stone's throw from the Rochat Hotel. During the week, you can go inside this huge red building and admire the inner courtyard and the Council Chamber.

The Markplatz also offers you an opportunity to stop and buy some chocolate at the Swiss chocolate maker Laderach, our favourite!

Then dive into the old town of Basel by taking the Hutgasse, for example. Here, we just have one piece of advice: stroll around! Between the small shops, the cobbled streets, the charming old facades and the many squares with their fountains taking pride of place, you will find a very pleasant atmosphere, peaceful and yet lively too. Don't forget to stop off at Gerbergasse and the Lackerli Huus store to enjoy Basel's famous lackerli, which are delicious little biscuits!

Walk along to Barfüsserplatz, one of the city's main squares, and then head for Münsterplatz via one of the streets that leads up there. This majestic square is home to the imposing Basel Cathedral, a true Basel landmark.

Then head to the rear of the building to enjoy the terrace with a view of the Rhine. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful views of Basel and gives you the opportunity to immortalise your visit with a souvenir photo!

If you go down the steps at the side of the terrace, you can take the boat crossing the Rhine, which is attached to a cable above the river and operates simply using the force of the current. Impressive!

Afternoon - Visit the Klein Basel district

The boat has taken you to the other side of the Rhine, to Klein Basel. With its many bars, restaurants and shops, this is a lively area that is ideal for a lunch break or to have a coffee. In summer, don't miss taking a long stroll along the Rhine and enjoying the terraces on the bank before diving headfirst into the river. Yes, it's not a joke! Good swimmers can swim in the Rhine in certain limited stretches of the river. Don't be surprised to see the residents of Basel walking around in their bathing suits with their colourful waterproof bags, which both protect their clothes and serve as a float. It's a real tradition here!

In the evening, go and have dinner and enjoy a Ueli Bier at the Ficherstube, a must-see Basel microbrewery, located in Rheingasse, in Klein Basel.

Second day

Morning - Basel and its (very) many museums

You really can’t avoid exploring at least one of Basel's 40 museums during your stay in Basel. The city is not the cultural capital of Switzerland for nothing and has a wide choice of museums on various themes. Examples include the Beyeler Foundation, the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Tinguely Museum, the Vitra Museum and the Musée du Jouet, the toy museum... The hardest part will be choosing between them!

Afternoon - The alternative scene in Basel

Basel is far from being just about its old town and art museums. It has a dynamic alternative scene, which is fascinating to explore. Take a guided tour on the theme of street art and, in the late afternoon, visit the Klybeckquai, a former industrial area along an abandoned railway line that is now one of Basel's trendiest spots!

Ideal for a drink, a bite to eat and even to make a night of it. We particularly recommend the Landestelle, which offers good cocktails and seasonal cuisine!

Vitra Haus

Third day

Morning - In the footsteps of renowned architects

Basel is a place well known for its modern and contemporary architecture. The city is a real open-air museum featuring the buildings of internationally renowned architects such as Herzog & De Meuron, Frank Gehry, Mario Botta, Zaha Hadid and Renzo Piano. Let yourself be guided: themed walking routes are offered by the tourist office and are easy to follow from Hotel Rochat.

Afternoon - Culture or relaxation?

For this last afternoon of your visit, we suggest you take the train (the station is accessible just a few tram stops from the Hotel Rochat) and get a little way out of the city.

For example, you can visit the famous Roman site of Augusta Raurica, which is home to a remarkably well-preserved ancient theatre. Unless you prefer to relax at the Sole Uno Spa in Rheinfelden, of course.

To finish off your stay in Basel in style, why not have a drink at the Bar Rouge, from where you will have a panoramic view of Basel?

And then what?

If you stay even longer in our city, you have many options available to you, for example:

  • hiking in the area

  • visiting Mulhouse, in Alsace, and its famous Cité de l'Automobile museum

  • visiting Zürich

... and there are lots of other possibilities!

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